20 Years of Service
2002 – 2022


2022 marks the 20th year since our company was established in Australia. The h-trak system was born from the idea that information about the products that are used on patients should be captured at the bedside using mobile technology, and that this service should be provided as a Software as a Service – the most efficient and cost-effective way of delivering software.

To this day, we have been true this core philosophy, and more than 70 hospitals across Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the UK have signed up to this vision!

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Customer View

„Implementing h-trak in Western Sydney Local Health District was nothing short of transformative“


Danny O’Connor

Principal, Danny O’Connor Consulting,
Former CEO, Western Sydney Local Health District 2011 – 2018

Transformative is defined as a lesson or experience that defines change or causes a shift in viewpoint.

h-trak Milestones

Find out how h-trak became one of the leading healthcare systems.

hTrak established


First Customer
Alfred Radiology


hTrak Version 1 (Beta)


First Version of Hand Held App
on Palm Pilot PDA


First commercial grade
Windows Mobile App for Hand Held


hTrak UK Established


Version 4.1
Built our own Synchronisation
Conduit to enable large theatre implementations


First UK Customer
First NZ Customer


First major billing interface


NSW Statewide
Oracle Interface

First HL7 interface capability


Acquisition of hTrak by Healthlogistics

Launched first h-control on Qlikview


Prospitalia acquires hTrak


hTrak Germany Established


Android Hand Held App Released


Launched second generation of h-control on Tableau


Launched h-smart service

Launched Supplier Portal


Launched new HRS


h-trak: Always using leading-edge technology to support our customers in the best possible way.


“Prospitalia h-trak looks forward to a future where we continue to set the standards and agenda for providing leading solutions for healthcare. This will include the augmentation of the h-trak software with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. We will also continue to converge our software solutions with more sophisticated and involved service offerings to our customers.”


Celebrating 20 Years since establishment - The regular exchange with our customers is very important to us. We are looking forward to an exciting congress with numerous experts who will be attending as speakers.

Agenda (morning)

8:30 am: Registration, Networking and Refreshments

9:00 am: Opening Address
Paul White, New High Consulting, Congress Facilitator

9:15 am: Keynote Speech:  Understanding the past in order to better manage the future
Mr Tony Sherbon, Sherbon Advisory, current Board Member Southern Adelaide Local Health Network

10:00 am: Keynote Speech:  Prospitalia Group:  The future is digital

Dr Marcell Vollmer, Group CEO, Prospitalia Group

10:45 am: Morning Tea

11:10 am: 20 Year Anniversary Video

11:15 am: Prospitalia h-trak:  20 Years of Service

Mr Kirk Kikirekov, Managing Director, Prospitalia h-trak

12:00 pm: Austin Health:  The vision of the early adopter
Ms Janette Vella, Senior Nurse Manager, The Surgery Centre: Austin Health

12:30 pm: Morning Session wrap up
Paul White

12:35 pm: Lunch

Agenda (afternoon)

13:30 pm: Small Group Break Out Presentations:
– HRS Contract Management, presented by Mr Peter Laing and Ms Rochelle Reddy
– Supplier Portal, presented by Mr Kirk Kikirekov
– h-smart Insights, presented by Ms Krista Nicholson

14:30 pm: Panel Discussion: Embracing change to achieve success
– Ms Margaret White, Metro North Hospitals and Health Service
– Mr Steve Lamb, Data & Reporting Co-ordinator, St John of God Health Care
– Ms Maria Kokkinakos, Director Strategic Health Sourcing, Sydney Local Health District
– Mr Robert Forbes, Director of Supply Chain, Western Sydney Local Health District

15:15 pm: Afternoon Tea

15:35 pm: Afternoon shake out!

15:40 pm: Introducing h-trak’s Surgical Preference Card Management System
Ms Krista Nicholson, Business Optimisation Manager, Prospitalia h-trak

16:10 pm: Afternoon Wrap Up, Closing remarks and acknowledgment
Mr Kirk Kikirekov, Managing Director, Prospitalia h-trak
Mr Paul White, New White Consulting

16:30 pm: Ends


20 Years h-trak
2002 – 2022


Our organisation at a glance